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Electric Hand pieces
low & high hand pieces

> These electric hand pieces are much stronger than air driven hand pieces, which allows Dr. Georgie to work at a faster pace. This helps cut down the time it takes to complete a procedure.

Intra-oral Camera
dexis technology

> Being on Lincoln Road, where tourism and people movement is plentiful, allows us to see a variety of different patient cases. Our advanced camera allows us to view details inside our patients mouths allowing us to further analyze

Digital X-Rays
Dexis technology
> Our office stays up to date with the
constant change in technology. We
have digital radiography now, which
allows us to view radiographs on site
our technology
dentsply technology

> This is a dental tool that uses high frequency sound waves to clean teeth. These sound waves vibrate tartar and dirt off your teeth. Our dental hygienists like to use this tool because they are much faster than using hand instruments.

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